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If you are a high achieving woman struggling daily with balancing career and raising resilient kids and you want to achieve SUCCESS, experience your true potential and transformational shifts to more lasting change for the rest of your life - you are in the right place!


CoachingYOUforward's  focused approach is the path to transformational results and it is life changing!

There is a way to build lasting change as we focus on what is perceived to be unchangeable. In order to shatter the inner glass ceilings of expectations you have of yourself and others and to open the windows of infinite possibilities, you must start with inner work - you must start with YOU! It takes time and commitment – but what an opportunity!


CoachingYOUforward has a 5 step proven system based in neuroscience and positive psychology that supports women to show up fully for themselves and their children in a way that fosters deep conscious connection and sets the foundation for women achieving success and reaching their full potential. The system is called - The DEPTH to Y.E.S. - Your Empowered Success.  (see diagram below).

Key and Magnifying Glass Concepts
key of DEPTH

The DEPTH To Y.E.S.-
Your EmpowereSuccess


This approach includes an evidence based methodology (i.e. Neuroscience, performance science, cognitive psychology and positive psychology) developed by Stanford lecturer and New York Times best selling author of the book Positive Intelligence, Shirzad Chamine.


The methodology is focused on our "Mental Fitness" using the Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) which is the "percentage of time your mind is serving you versus sabotaging you". The saboteurs are "a set of automatic and habitual mind patterns" that we develop throughout our life.


By establishing a practice that uses tools and techniques to identify and shift our perspectives, the phenomenal results include increases in our performance, quality of relationships and well-being/happiness - in other words, SUCCESS. Using the Positive Intelligence methodology is foundational to create lasting change in our life as it provides a common framework and common language by which we discover, experience and transform ourselves!  

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Working with CoachingYOUforward and Lolita Singh as my coach has been transformational! It was exactly what I needed in order to achieve the outcomes that I wanted in my life - to feel less overwhelmed and stressed by it all. Lolita's incredible ability to comfortably connect, to ask the right questions and her unique process and approach of "discovering" yourself based on a methodology that is anchored in science, is truly a gift toward living my best life! As a professional woman, mother etc. my perspective about myself, career, family and my life has shifted in unanticipated ways and in a relatively short time! Unbelievable actually!

Vi​ D​.

​Senior Consultant​

"Real change, enduring change,
happens one step at a time."

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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