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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is your role as a Coach?
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My role as a Coach is multifaceted. I will work with you:

  • to discover and gain clarity regarding the challenges you are facing balancing career and kids identify actions to move you forward to address those challenges and achieve your goals with transformational results and actualize your greatest potential;

  • to enable you to experience fundamental shifts in your ability to change habitual ways of responding to challenges with balancing career and kids using a science based App enabled methodology; 

  • as your accountability partner to gain clarity, develop a concrete plan so you can EXPERIENCE transformational results. 


Change is not easy! Yes, we have heard this before.  If it were easy, everyone would be feeling empowered, happy and present everyday instead of overwhelmed, stressed and absent (to name a few “feelings”).  


Transformational change is the process by which results are achieved and sustained over time. It is a change that focuses not just on making small, incremental change but one that shifts your perspective and therefore your paradigm, your self view, your world view.


As a Transformational Change Coach, I offer an opportunity for you to be guided to achieve the transformational changes you are looking for as a woman struggling with balancing career and raising resilient kids.


Sustainable, lasting change takes time and most of all practice. My coaching approach and the methodology I use will help you to do just that.

Would you recommend a coach for everyone?

Most definitely. My opinion, based on my lived experience, is that everyone should have a coach for their personal and professional development!


However, again, based on my experience, you MUST be ready to do the work! If not, then this approach is not for you.


A good coach is invaluable as a forward-looking accountability partner who helps you to discover yourself and what you want to accomplish in your life. A strong coaching relationship will create profound benefits for you, not only by the questions asked of you but by the results actualized and lastly, by the way in which it holds you accountable to your commitments. Incredibly life changing!

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching has a forward looking, future focused approach - this focus is embedded in “CoachingYOUforward” (the name reflects a deep journey, much more than I imagined).  I will work to coach YOU forward so you can determine the best approach that meets your needs in order to live your best life.  Together, we will shatter the inner glass ceiling of expectations that you have of yourself, others and circumstances and it will be life changing!


Notably, while you can be coached and be in therapy at the same time, therapy has an orientation primarily focused on the past and anchored in moving through the problems of pain and trauma.

What is the evidence based methodology/framework that you mention in your Results Based Approach?

The evidence based methodology/famework is based on Stanford University lecturer and New York Times best selling author, Shirzad Chamine’s work on Positive Intelligence.  The methodology/  “mental fitness” framework converts insights into lasting new mental habits through a technology-enabled muscle-building approach. This allows for transformational changes and is anchored in evidence based research on Neuroscience, Performance Science,  Positive psychology and Cognitive psychology. The methodology states that by improving your “Mental Fitness'' you decrease your amount of worry, decrease anxiety, increase health, increase happiness and increase better relationships. This methodology looks at the “root” level.

What makes this coaching approach different from others?

The foundational part of my 21st Century coaching approach is based on understanding “YOU” using a science based methodology developed by Standford Lecturer and New York Times best selling author Shirzad Chamine.


This approach takes you beyond insight as it focuses on lasting change and it addresses the "root" of our "mental fitness". It provides a common language and framework for reference in every part of your life. 

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