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Why choose change?

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I'm so excited to offer this first blog post on CoachingYOUforward - I'm getting goosebumps all over as I write this.

Many have asked me - "So what's your story? How did you get here? Why choose change?"

I've lived most of my life believing in the philosophical statement "be the change". And yes, I know that it has become a leadership anthem for so many throughout the years. Some think it has been overused. I can only tell you that I believe in the deepest meaning of these words and the necessary, implied actions that accompany this way of "being". I have embedded this philosophy of life into my world to the best of my abilities - and believe me, I am the first to say, it is not easy. It takes significant practice in order to actualize.

My belief in the meaning behind this statement is reflected in the symbol contained in the logo above of CoachingYOUforward, the company that I am officially launching today. For those of you who are math geeks, you know that the delta sign symbolizes change. The significance of the small space in the symbol represents being "open for change" - tilted on its side signifying a forward movement.

As much as I wanted to live a life of "being" the change, I was lost as to how to "do" change. I didn't want temporary insights or fleeting moments of change. I wanted lasting change. My life has been a testament to that odyssey. Throughout this journey, I have discovered that being open for change is the only way forward and that lasting change takes time, effort and resilience.

As a woman living with high cultural and societal expectations, I faced a myriad of challenges managing my career and life relationships every day - and I struggled.

It was long after living through those challenges and struggles that I discovered the benefits and value of a coach in my life. As a result, I decided that I wanted to coach others, not generally but in a foundational way with a focus first and foremost on understanding YOU. That's where the work of Shirzad Chamine and Positive Intelligence came in and here we are. The opportunity to discover and then experience transformational change, lasting change has brought me to a point of sharing it forward. So now I coach women who face daily challenges managing career and life relationships, using a life-changing evidence based approach, to achieve their relationship goals and their true potential.

You may ask, "why should I choose you as my coach"? Well - because I see YOU - I was a version of YOU. I was on full throttle "rote" and didn't even know it for most of my life. Throughout the days, there are no shortages of expectations of self, others, or even your circumstances. You experience sexism, racism, ageism....and many other isms – too many to name.

Each morning you wake up, a heaviness prevails. The veneer of “I got this” is there – but inside and out, you are overwhelmed!

Stress and anxiety build throughout the day and your relationships are being negatively impacted as you respond to those around you - at work, at home, everywhere. You are not present...not in the moment...not in most moments.

There is too much to ponder, to plan towards - fulfilling your vision board, scrolling aimlessly. You often think "Maybe I'll get to some of these things, today, tomorrow, next year. " But tomorrow gets filled with more to dos and "that" tomorrow never comes.

Thoughts are flooding your mind as you feel overwhelmed, stressed and absent. You think to yourself, “am I failing as a woman, a professional, a team player, a partner, a mother? I am open to change but how do I "do" change? How do I change the things that I feel are so daunting and unchangeable?"

To tell you the truth, I would have given anything to have discovered and experienced this transformation in those earlier years of managing challenging career and life relationships. The benefits would have been far reaching and is why I want to share it forward. I am grateful however, for what I have experienced and how that experience has changed the way I live every day.

As a true seeker, I found being open to change was my way forward. Leaving Public Service after almost 35 years was not an easy thing to do. I knew however that I needed to do more and I needed to do different.

Furthermore, what I did know was I wanted to find a way to feel empowered, happy and present, consistently, consciously, everyday.

What I didn't know was that choosing change would lead me to my next "career" and that it would take me on a transformational journey that involved learning, unlearning and exploring the effects of generations of conditioning. When I chose change, I chose growth, which is fundamental to living in the path of life long learning and well-being.

Then it happened. I found a path that gave me access to shift and change perspectives regarding the neverending challenges I face every day. This path is grounded in scientific and experiential evidence and has ultimately changed the way in which I experience life - empowered, happy and present. I fondly call this path, "the rote less travelled" (the name of my next book :) This path then became my "dharma" - my purpose, which created CoachingYOUforward. Warning - it's NOT for everyone. It is a path only for those who are ready to "do the work" , those who are not afraid to shatter glass ceilings, those who are ready to learn, unlearn and practice, practice, practice. I practice every day.

So when you ask yourself - Why choose change? The answer is simple, "It's about experiencing the results of becoming....of the forward movement of "being the change". As my husband, Khem Singh says, "Life doesn't get any better than that".

I can't wait to share it with YOU! Are you open for change?

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